Where a sign needs to be fixed to a post I can produce several alternatives starting with a simple 2” square post fixed to the back of the sign.

Next is sturdy frame with a post at each end of the sign jointed with pegged mortice and tenons. Attractive for a house or farm name, also useful for a small group of houses hidden from the main road where each house name is on a different line, like a ladder. Arrows can be carved under or next to the house name.

A low fingerpost can be clear but discreet in front of a hedge or next to a gate.

The tall fingerpost is usually 10` long and 4” square, a substantial and heavy piece of English oak that needs to go in ground by 18” in concrete. Useful as a clear direction pointer or as a feature in a garden woodland setting.

Please e mail with a plan of the directions required and any preferences from the photographs and I will send a sketch and quote.