The Chiltern Conservation Board

The Chiltern Conservation board require stands for there interpretation boards that are placed at places of interest on the many commons in the Chiltern area. The model was used to show land owners and parish councils how the stand would look. These stands are simple and robust in design, made from 2 thick planks of oak, they should last a long time out in an exposed setting.

The CC board also asked me to design and make a donation box and awards made from oak and beech.

The Church House behind Westminster Abbey

The Church House behind Westminster Abbey is where the Church of England carries out it`s administration, including the recent voting for Lady Bishops in the beautiful central Assembly Hall.
My job was to recreate the oak and gilded signs above the doors for the Bishops to exit depending if they were AYES or NOES.

Other Special Projects

All sorts of special projects in wood come in and I am always happy to discuss your ideas.
Please email if you do have a project in mind and I will respond with a sketch.