Designed to take 2 Sunday papers, the large Oak post box can be fitted with a lock if required. Your house name and or number can be carved onto the front and is included in the price.
The green slate roof goes really well with the oak and comes from the Honister Slate mine in Cumbria.
The box can be either wall mounted with brackets supplied or fixed to an oak post with support bar.

The smaller version post box has a single slate roof and is suitable for wall mounting.

Please feel free to Email Me for more information.

There are 2 options LARGE, and SMALL

Made in solid oak to cabinet making standards,
all rails are mortice and tenoned into the solid oak ends.
Brass hinges with satin silver finish.
Lettering can be cut into the flap
Natural Oak or Painted versions can be ordered.


Large oak post box with 2 slate gable roof including lettering

Cylinder lock if required.
Will accommodate 2 Sunday papers.
Overall size 45cm wide x 20cm deep[ x 34cm tall
Size of flap 43cm x 17cm
Add 5cm each end to the width for the tile overhanging
Wall mounted, including brackets £275 plus £18 P&P
With oak post and support £375 plus £25 P&P
(preview of letters can be sent for approval and checking.
Cylinder lock £16



Small oak post box with single forward sloping roof including lettering.

Cylinder lock if required.
Overall size 42cm wide x 16cm deep x 28cm tall
Size of flap 38 x 15cm
Wall mounted including brackets £215 plus £18 P&P
(preview can be sent for approval and checking.
Cylinder lock £16



I will ask for a £100 deposit that can be paid by transfer, card or cheque.
Also your delivery details
I will then reconfirm the order for you to check.